Office of International Affairs

Office of International Affairs, Division of Public Relations and International Affairs formerly known as International Relations Section. It is one of sections that directly under the supervision of the vice president in charge. Later, the administrative structure within the Office of the President was changed in order to meet the most effective management. International Relations Section, therefore, has been transformed into Office of International Affairs subordinating the Office of the President of Mahasarakham University. With duties and responsibilities in the operation of various cooperation projects, provide assistance in supporting information on scholarships, training, seminars, academic visits, and international affairs in order to develop Mahasarakham University’s academic work to the image of international outlook.

At the present time, International Relation Section has changed the structure to Office of International Affairs (OIA) under the supervision of Division of Public Relations and International Affairs on November 27, 2009 by an agreement of Mahasarakham University Council. The mission of OIA is to disseminate information and create a good image of the university, support the production of media for teaching and learning management with information technology and strengthening international relations to disseminate the organization to be widely recognition.

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